Orashan imp USA

  Orashan imp USA
Bint El Bahreyn Family Durra Branch Dahman Shahwan

Needing no introduction, Orashan has already become a legend within his own time.  Now, still as youthful and vibrant as most horses 10 years his junior, he will continue his dynasty at Saba Arabians. 
Born in Germany at the farm of Mr and Mrs Maiworm, Orashan and his paternal half brother Imperial Madheen, both sons of Messaoud, were exported to the United States as youngsters.  He stood as head sire of Imperial Egyptian Stud for two decades and became an integral part of a breeding program that has shaped the path of Egyptian horses.

An Egyptian Event Supreme Champion, Orashan became famous in his early days as not just a halter champion but a horse that could succeed at literally anything.  He collected more accolades than any other Straight Egyptian stallion of the era with his halter accomplishments alone including Region 15 Champion, Region 18 Champion, East Coast Championships Champion, Buckeye Reserve Champion, Top 10's at US Nationals, Scottsdale and Canadian Nationals as well as his Supreme at the Egyptian Event.  After proving that he could win in any company he returned to the show ring collecting championships in performance classes both driven and under saddle, get of sire and liberty.

As a sire his record has been equally impressive.  His progeny have garnered championships at the Egyptian Event, Scottsdale, World Championships and Platinum Cup to name just a few.  Orashan's impact on the breed has become immeasurable with his get and grand get now filtering through the pedigrees of many of the current days most successful horses both in the show ring and breeding barn.  Imperial Madori, one of the leading sires in Egypt and Imperial Baarez, Reserve World Champion Stallion, are both out of his daughters.

"This is a wonderful stallion; a great broodmare sire with a kind and gentle nature.  We have always known that our foundation rested with our mares.  Much of the success of our farm and breeding program is owed directly to him." 
Beverly Sziraky, Imperial Egyptian Stud
The fact that Orashan is in such uniquely good condition for a horse of his age is a testament to his quality, temperament and value as a sire.  He is one of this era's true progenerators of soundness and type and his contribution to the breed will be forever present in the wonderful foundation that he has created in modern day Egyptian horses.

Click here to read more about Orashan. Article by Ralph Suarez as featured in the 2009 Australian Arabian Horse News.

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