Thaqib Al Nasser imp Qatar
  Thaqib Al Nasser imp Qatar
Farida Family Deenaa Branch Dahman Shahwan

“There are some events that are so special, they become indelibly imprinted in one's mind. Recently I had such an experience when I met Thaqib Al Nasser for the first time. This magnificent stallion absolutely took my breath away, gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. Thaqib has such an overpowering spirit and ethereal beauty that it is difficult to describe. His conformation is excellent and he gives the overall picture of the true Arabian standard. In my capacity as an international judge, consultant, lecturer and judges examiner, I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world for nearly 25 years in pursuit of the Arabian horse.

Thaqib not only epitomises the required attributes of the Arabian but is posssibly the best straight Egyptian stallion I have seen anywhere in the world.”
International Judge, Gloria Lanigan

A direct son of Ansata Halim Shah, a stallion who revolutionised Egyptian breeding, Thaqib Al Nasser is the culmination of not just one of the world’s great breeding programs, but combines the blood of many of the era’s most influential horses. His dam, the beautiful Imperial Madanah, is a daughter of Imperial Madheen and tracing in tail female line to the celebrated Sameh daughter, Deenaa.

Bred by H.H. Sheikh Nawaf Bin Nasser Al-Thani, Thaqib was National Champion Stallion of Qatar in 2000. He is the first horse to ever come to Australia from Qatar and is the only direct source of Ansata Halim Shah blood in the country.

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"STAR OF THE DESERT – Thaqib Al Nasser"
As featured in the 2005 Australian Arabian Studs and Stallions magazine.

Meet Thaqib's Foals

    Ansata Halim Shah
*Ansata Ibn Halima   Nazeer
Thaqib Al Nasser
(imp Qatar)
Ansata Rosetta   Ansata Shah Zaman
*Ansata Bint Bukra
Imperial Madanah    Imperial Madheen   Messaoud
Imperial Naffata   Moniet El Nafis
    Imperial Fanniya


Thaqib Al Nasser does not stand at public stud.

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